Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy Twilight day!

Yes as my post suggests I will not be at my blog for today as I am relishing in the last of the Twilight movies (twice)
I will be seeing it this morning and this evening! I may pop by my blog in between it just depends on how excited I get lol!
For those of you who don't watch the movies, happy Twilight day anyway, everyone needs some sparkly vampires in their lives!
Big hugs


Sarah said...

and its an awesome movie!!! enjoy hun x x x

Pamela said...

Have a great day Rebekah. I have some catching up to do as I haven't seen Part 1 yet!

Pam x

Exclusively by Mel said...

Have fun lovely, it's so sad that it's the end though :(((
Love,melly. xxx

CraftyNatalie said...

Im so jelous! Have fun!! I cant wait to see it!

DesignerDiva said...

Enjoy!! I haven't seen any, maybe I should start.
Thank you for your lovely message it was very kind of you Hunny
Hugs Laurie xx

Cinderella said...

I`ve allready seen the movie wednesday such a great movie and the books I love it.
I wish you a lot of Twilight fun today

Hugs and Xxx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Enjoy your movie Rebekah
Kevin xx

Robin said...

Have a great Twilight day. I'll be having a marathon to prepare to see the movie. I'm so sad it's almost over. Hugs, Robin

Iverova said...

I can not wait when will show at cinemas! Well, really want to see! Successful the Тwilight day!

Sandra H said...

Enjoy it Rebekah x

Maria Therese said...

Yaaay just bought tickets for Friday.. Yepp first day I can get babysitters + I got the day after off from work. Can't wait to see it :)

Martina said...

How was it??? We will have it in our cinemas only from tomorrow on!!!! Can't wait to go, but think have to wait for next days this week and weekend are full!!