Thursday 30 June 2011

It's about time........

I showed you the progress of the loft conversion. Warning this is a photo heavy post! We are currently 3 wks in! The back of our house started like this, minus the scaffolding of course!
This is the view from the bottom of our stairs straight up into the loft and yes it still looks like this now!
This is my builders wrecking my roof lol! And yes wrecking my conservatory underneath when they dropped a roof tile! All will be fixed in the end.
Here is the massive hole they created whilst wishing the rain would keep away! Have you spotted my lack of chimney yet? Yep that went the week before, note the TV ariel stuck to the scaffolding lol!
This is my miniature tent! It sounded like that during the night as the wind blew around the tarpaulin, its over the partially built dorma frame here and it was cold (remember the hole to the roof?!)
This is what it looked like today. Dorma mostly built and reinforced inside. There is felt on the roof here and waterproofing to the sides.
This is the inside, taken tonight (I'm up a ladder!) note hubby trying to figure out the plans unsuccessfully I might add! Still lots to be done but its getting there I may even have stairs in just over a week!
Thats all the progress for now, can't wait to see the finished product although I will oddly miss my builders they have sort of become part of the fixtures over the last few wks!
Thanks for popping by to look! Hugs
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Jennifer said...

you're a very brave lady...but will be so worth it in the end!! xx Jenny xx

Lisa Jane said...

oh wow its looking good ..i love the pics ... just hope those builders gave permnission for you to show them on your blog lol ( only joking lol)
It will be fab when its finished
Lisa x

Sandra H said...

It's looking good and will be worth it once it's finished......:) Sandra H

Chrissy said...

Fabulous, it is going to be awesome when finished. I love watching construction taking place...from a

Sassy Scrapper said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. WOW when it's done it's going to be so beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished.
Hugs Bonnie

Sheree said...

Wow! That is quite a project! Bet it will look fabulous when all finished!

Vicky said...

Wow looks fabulous..!I had a conversion in my previous soooooo worth it in the will just love it..!

look forward to seeing more piccies..hugs Vicky xx

coops said...

oh wow, its going to look fabulous when its all finished.i don`t even have a loft, no hatch or nothing, very strange :D

xx coops xx