Tuesday 8 May 2012

Are you brave enough?!!!

Hello everyone! Well this idea intrigued me to hop back on my blog to 2009 when I put my first card on here....
Yep are you brave enough? The fab Sandra has a little peeking blog hop going on HERE..
All you have to do is post some of your very first creations and some recent ones, so here goes..
Card 1.. My very first blogged pretty simple for my Nephew's birthday
Card 2... A miss Anya card for my daughter's birthday mmmm
Card 3 a CC designs card .. still a distinct lack of embellies!
Card 4... Another TGF card with some paper piecing and great papers (quite like this for an oldie!)
So have I improved then?!!! Well here are a few recent ones...
A pretty Magnolia card
One of my many Saturated Canary cards
And a  favorite with a wonderful Mo Manning image
I'm guessing they don't fit in standard envelopes anymore!
I hope you will all share too (I know Coops and Sarah already have!)
Big hugs
sparkle -


Kathleen said...

Oh how brave Rebekah! Its funny how much our styles have changed. Unfortunately ( or fortunately!) i dont have any pics of my old creations, but I do see a bit of a change in my cards from even last year when i started blogging.
Love that Mo manning one, I seem to have a bit of an obsession lately with these images!
Kat xxx

Unknown said...

well rebekah...many humble thanks for visiting...and its me thats in awe of your your new ones are so lush and your older are so pretty then.. i think we all move along and dont realise how the crafting world changes and influences us all these always something new and refreshing about change..cost us a fortune too lol!!! hugs sassyx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Rebekah,
I'm still thinking about it lol...your early cards are fab,your more recent makes are gorgeous,you embellish your cards so well :) x

heidy said...

Wow Rebekkah,your cards are always fabolous even the one's you started with,but your recent ones are so gorgeous!!
This is so much fun don't you think so!
Hugs Heidy

Unknown said...

Hi Rebekah, well yes your current ones are just stunning (but then I think you know I think your cards are amazing!) but I wouldn't have minded my early cards looking like your early cards!

They were still pretty fab me thinks! Certainly less embellished, but not terrible (like mine!!).

I really like your nephews one - love the oversize name!

One thing that really catches the though - your colouring!! The early colouring is just fine, but now wowzers!!!


PS - How's Nikita settling in? Chewed any slippers yet???

Joey said...

Rebekah you have improved so much! your use of embellies is so pretty now, your colouring is gorgeous. I think your befores werent bad either. Joey x

Loopylou. said...

oh wow rebekah!! I actually love them all and its so awesome to see your journey and where you are now!! love it!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Sheena said...

I loved your starting out card but I do see that you have really fallen in love with embellies!!!! Sheena xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hi Rebekah if my early cards looked like yours I'd have no hesitation (in fact if my current ones looked like your early ones I'd be a happy chappy lol). I can't find the CD I put them on but I am looking it will give everyone a good laugh I think!! TFS hugs Susan x

Creations by Shirl said...

Wow Rebekeha... love the early stages on your first cards but as time pevailed your cards got better and better ... Amazing!
Love your now cards they are always beautiful...

McCrafty's Cards said...

Even your older cards are great Rebekah, It is nice to look back and see how we have grown with our card making.
Kevin xx

Unknown said...

Wow Rebekah you are brave but I must say your cards WERE AMAZING and they are NOW SUPER AMAZING !.
I adore that last one with the bubbles its precious Hugs Elaine

Sieta said...

Woh Rebekah,
What are your first cards fun, but the new cards are wonderful. What a progress is there for you to see.

Hugs Sieta

Christine said...

Hi Rebekah I think we all have a great love for colouring & embellies since those early card making days..well done you

smiles Christine x

coops said...

just brilliant rebekah.i really love your style of cardmaking but your earlier cards are better than some of recent, lol.
well jell :D:D

xx coops xx

mags said...

Well you certainly have grown in your card making. Your love of embellishments is clear to see and your latest cards are always stunning. But your older cards were pretty too. So glad I am a follower.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

hehe I love your old cards even if they are a little different from your ones these days :D Mine are the same..I looked at one last night and was like woah - no cheesecloth, or die cuts, or embellies EVERYWHERE! *gasp* hehehe :D Thanks for sharing!

Liz McGuire, said...

I think your early ones are pretty - but your newer ones are stunning.

Have you seen mine?

liz x

Anonymous said...

To be honest your first cards were pretty good Rebekah, but your new ones are all stunning!
Helen x

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. This was truly a trip down memory lane and yes, you have improved. Well, I think we all do with time, it would be very sad if we didn't...considering how much time we spend endulging into our hobby :-) Your old day cards are sweet, but the recent ones...WOW they are amazing. Bellies...yeah by all means. The more merrier!

Have a great weekend.