Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Hey everybody! For my creative cottage DT post please scroll down! It's time for another whats on your workdesk wednesday. If you haven't got into this yet pop across to the stampin ground have a nosey about and join in!
Today on my work space is an up and coming DT project for Pink gems (you can just see my coloured Chloe but it doesn't give anything away!) There are a couple of other projects lurking about but I do keep my desk fairly tidy due to small children and the ability to run off at full speed with anything left unguarded! My trusty hair clip is there too ready to keep me sorted for action!

I also wanted to give you a quick looksie under my desk. That grey drawered unit to the right I bought for a fiver at Asda! How fab?! It has my cuttlebug on top as each drawer holds differnt things for it ie cutting plates, nesties, mariannes, embossing plates etc, just great for £5! That white wicker box is my scraps box (full as usual!)

Well thanks for coming by! I'm off to nosey about at what others have been up to now! Hugs everyone
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your desk and I love the peek underneath, that storage looks fab


Sue from Oregon said... are so tidy and organized...I should take your inspiration into my crafty room too! Happy

Unknown said...

Hi Rebekah, yes yours looks so tidy and organized.... I never show mine, it's always so messy he he :)

Carola Bartz said...

Love the little drawer unit!

Susan said...

Hi Rebekah,
Great storage. Very tidy desk! Love your coloured image... will have to check back to see your finished project.
Susan xxox #14

Susan said...

Hi Rebekah,
Great storage. Very tidy desk! Love your coloured image... will have to check back to see your finished project.
Susan xxox #14

Spyder said...

I've got one too, the draw thingy, mine has wheels but it cost £7 very useful! and I spy more useful boxes, and they are, I got my a few more last week...then had to buy more stuff to put in them!Happy WOYWW! #66

Sue Althouse said...

Such cute stuff on your desk and love the storage sneak peek! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sue #21

jude said...

Nice Tidy desk love the coloured images.Oh your storage id fab dont you just love a bargain
hugs judex22

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

I love the little stamped figure and storage unit was great value!! well done!! thanks for sharing and happy crafting,
Shaz in ozx.

Karen said...

Love your coloured image and a fab idea re the storage unit, it looks great!
Have a lovely day,
Karen #59

Angela Toucan said...

great colouring, and I have to keep my tools on top of the wardrobe to keep small hands from them. And my stash is in constant danger.

Those scraps in your basket look yummy.

I noticed you are in Cheshire, my husband comes from Cheshire, and my siblings now live in that county too - the world is such a small place.

blessings to you from Angela

Sarah said...

Love the little draws - so cute and a perfect size :-) Love and hugs me x x x x

shazsilverwolf said...

Love your workspace, and the drawers are great! Shaz #131

Ciara said...

I think everyone's scrap boxes are always full aren't they?!! Whoever can invent a decent way of managing scraps will become a hero!!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty papers on your desk and very handy storage under it! I don't know anyone who doesn't have a full scrapbox either.

Brenda 100

okienurse said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome work space. I love the box with the cuttlebug. I need something like that!
Vickie #30

Nicky said...

Love the coloured image on your desk - great storage real bargin ~ Nicky no.6

HeARTworks said...

I really need to get some drawers as my big plastic boxes don"t work for me. They are too heavy, too bulky, and i tend not to use the craft materials inside as it"s so hard to get them!
Patsy from

Elizabeth said...

Hello Rebekah, Very neat desk (but I can understand why when you have little hands around) and those are pretty papers you have on it. Your cards are lovely, I like your more unusual colour combinations such as yellow & pink and lilac and lemon - so bright and fresh. Your £5 Asda find makes great storage.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, you desk is so neat, i feel like cleaning up!

Helen Pigott said...

Wow now that is a tidy desk top, but I can understand that with small fingers about! Have a lovely weekend x