Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another blog award!

Look at this lovely new blog award given to me by the lovely Laney! I'm so very thrilled and I now get to pass this on to 8 more people whilst also telling you 8 things about me.
I'm not quite sure what you don't already know, I do love giving random bits of info but I'm not sure there are 8 more interesting things to tell lol!
1. I have a BA hons degree in English literature and American studies (it's not as posh as it sounds lol!)
2. I have developed vertigo since having my kids - wierd! Never had any bother with heights when I was younger!
3. I have 3 children, Amelia (soon to be 10), Hiolette (8) and Caleb (3) who are my life.
4. I have worked for starbucks for the last 7 years and yes I do like coffee!
5. I love being creative, I used to write stories and copy animation when I was at primary school. 6. I can't drive!
7. I love cooking especially at christmas (I turn into Nigella then!)
8. I'm a complete chocaholic!
Ha thats a mini insight into me and now onto the other 8 I am giving this to and they are

Lisa Jane
Enjoy folks! Hugs


Cheryl said...

oh hunny bless your heart for thinking of me so,honured hun will post it on my blog,soon thanks again hun,hugs cheryl xxxx

Lisa Jane said...

Thank you Rebekah - loved your facts and how wonderful of you to think of me .. I will try and pass this on later this week
Lisa ;)

Tracy said...

congrats on your award Rebekah very well deserved. hugs Tracy x

coldwaters2 said...

Wowzer Rebekah what an honour that you have passed this award onto me, I am so chuffed that you think me worthy I love it, THANK YOU
Lorraine x

Dawn said...

Thnak you so much Rebekah, I will add this to my blog after the weekend as I am away to see my sister in Somerset. Thank you so much for thinking of me. xxxx

Brenda Brown said...

Thanx so much Rebekah, I am just adding it to my blog now. It's always lovely when people think of you and I really appreciate the thought. Just what I need right now.
luv {brenda} xox

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me Rebekah. Hugs xx Jenny xx