Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wow look what I got!

I'm so lucky that the lovely Dawn has given me this award and it is an award with a difference, you get a voucher to spend at digis with attitude!

I have to tell you 3 different things about me, well I thought I would go pretty random with this so......
1. I once got chatted up by a member of the newly formed Boney M (lol)
2. I was in the choir for Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat.
3. I met Paul Macartney in the bakers buying chips
Ha yep they are all true!!
I would like to pass this on to 5 people and they are....
1. Lisa Jane
2. Nina
3. Pinky
4. Jo
5. Nataliya
In order to find out about this award and your voucher go here and then wear your badge with pride ladies!!!


pinky said...

Boy you have some very interesting secrets Rebekah lol. Thanks for thinking of me for the award. Hugs

Nina Macaulay said...

I quite agree with pinky, you've got some interesting secrets hehe!
Thank you so much for thinking of me sweetie!
I'll have to have a think to see what interesting things I can list when I post about this on my blog :O)

Hugs and thanks, Nina x

Lisa Jane said...

Thank you Rebekah - wow i have got this 3 times now - lucky me lol
Lucky you too - and get you with your facts lol.. you name dropper you
Dont think i can top those lol
Lisa ;)

Love crafts forever said...

Thank you so much Rebekah, very sweet of you to think about me.
And wow, you met Paul!!!
Hugs, Nataliya.

Chelsea said...

Hi Rebekah, congrats on your award! Okay, I lost it when I saw Paul lucky girl you! :)