Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm still alive!!!

Ha ha yep ladies I'm still here (just) after my 5k race yesterday! I have to say it was much easier than I anticipated but then I ran with my friend Myffi (middle) and we had to stop quite a bit as she had blisters and couldn't manage, at one point she ran barefoot! I even managed to put a massive sprint in at the end as I had conserved so much energy during the race lol! This is us gals in starbucks before the race started.

I managed to twist my ankle in the gutter less than 1k before the end of the race and tore a hole in my expensive running trousers! Only after the race and when the adrenaline had stopped pumping did I find my knee was bleeding and this morning I have a huge bruise and have to strap up my left ankle where it has been sprained!! Trust me!! The kids came to cheer me on at the end and here I am with the girls post race.

I will get a card made later I also have some exciting news but will let that wait for the time being!!
Hugs to all Rebekah xx


Lisa Jane said...

Well done Rebekah ... a great cause .My best friend is doing the race but not sure when.
Hope you ahd a good rest last night .. can;t wait to hear your news
Lisa ;)

Brenda Brown said...

Congrats Rebekah on a job well done for such a worthy cause. Also excellent news for later - sooo exciting looking forward to working with you.
Take care and have a restful week (if you can!!). Hope your ankle's better soon.
LOL Brenda xxxx

Unknown said...

Hi well done on the race did it !!! Yay!! And me too looking forward to working with you :) Can't wait.. xx

Suzie McFloozy said...

Well done hun - hope you are VERY proud of yourself - great job x
((hugs)) Suzie xx

Janet said...

Well done Rebekah!!....shame about your poor ankle though!

Sarah said...

Well done hun - so proud of you xxx